Areas of Practice

Estate Planning

• Wills -Everyone should have a will. In addition to directing the disposition of your estate at death, your will nominates who you want to handle your estate as executor and grants your executor authorization to do many things without probate court approval. Our attorneys have prepared numerous wills.
• Trusts
-Our firm is experienced in preparing all types of trusts. We often prepare revocable trusts for clients who want to avoid probate or want to hold property in trust for beneficiaries until they reach certain ages. If a client is fortunate to be very wealthy, we can discuss the potential benefit of irrevocable gifting trusts to reduce the size of their estate for estate tax purposes. If you have a disabled relative and you do not want to disinherit him/her to protect his/her public assistance, we can look at the possibility of a disability trust. 
• Advance Directives 
-Our lawyers prepare documents to protect clients in the event of temporary or permanent incapacity. Financial and health care powers of attorney are excellent ways for a client to state who they want to make decisions for them in advance. Additionally, a living will directive permits you to state what you want to happen if you are ever in a permanently unconscious state and/or terminal condition. Finally, in some instances, clients decide to prepare an appointment of a representative for funeral arrangements.
• Premarital Agreements 
- Our firm prepares and reviews premarital agreements. We work with you to protect your interests in the event of death, divorce or dissolution of a marriage. 
• Charitable Planning 
-  If a client is charitably inclined, we can assist with charitable gifts and legacies.
 • Lifetime Gifts
We can discuss the benefits of lifetime gifting to both charities and to family members.
Charitable Trusts Our firm can inform you of the advantages and disadvantages of the various charitable trusts.
     • Private Family Foundations - Some clients enjoy the ease of gifting to a donor advised fund. Others take pride in establishing their own private family foundations. Our firm has experience in setting up charitable foundations.
• Business Succession Planning
 -  Our firm assists business owners in determining the best way to achieve their goals in the eventual transfer of their business interests.


• Estate Administration - Wrightsel & Wrightsel has significant experience in estate administration. Once our clients are appointed fiduciary of the estate, we can assist in the collection and inventory of assets, the preparation of estate tax returns, the distribution of assets pursuant to the estate plan, and the final accounting to the probate court. 
• Trust Administration - We represent Trustees in the administration of trust estates and we represent beneficiaries of trusts in understanding their rights under the trust document. 
• Guardianships - We attempt to assist clients in finding a lesser restrictive alternative to guardianships; however, when necessary, we can assist you in the guardianship application process. After our clients are appointed guardian, we provide ongoing guidance in reporting to the probate court.
• Adoptions - We can assist you with a private or step-parent adoption.

Estate and Trust Litigation

Our firm has represented both fiduciaries and beneficiaries in all types of estate and trust litigation. This includes will contests (primarily defending them), actions to construe and challenge the validity of trusts (primarily representing trustees), actions to validate and qualify charitable remainder trusts through use of disclaimers and construction actions, the representation of fiduciaries and beneficiaries (charitable and individual) in tortious interference actions, and related types of litigation involving the rights of charitable and other estate and trust beneficiaries.  Additionally, Doug has substantial experience in appearing as an expert witness in probate/trust and attorney malpractice matters.

Real Estate

Purchase and Sale Transactions - Wrightsel & Wrightsel is experienced in representing clients in most real estate transactions. We work with both buyers and sellers in preparing purchase and sale agreements and related documents. We frequently review contracts, title insurance commitments, surveys and closing documents.
• Real Estate Tax Appeals - We represent taxpayers when the county auditor's tax value of your real estate exceeds the fair market value. We provide you with a preliminary assessment of what your tax savings would be to help you determine whether it makes sense to pursue a tax appeal. We have successfully represented a number of taxpayers.
• Construction Contracts - Whether your project is a new build or a home renovation, we can prepare or review the necessary agreements.
• Real Estate Development - Our lawyers have represented developers in the acquisition and development of real estate.
 We work closely with developers in the negotiation and preparation of agreements with lending institutions, contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers.

Formation of Business Entities

Our firm assists clients in the formation of limited liability companies and other business entities. In addition to preparing your organizational documents and filing the same with the Secretary of State, we will work with your accountant to keep your business compliant. We help you organize your business, so you can focus on running your business.

Mediation and Arbitration

Doug Wrightsel has experience in acting as a mediator in an effort to resolve matters before the expense of litigation. Doug helps all parties in defining the issues clearly and in understanding one another's positions. He assists the parties in evaluating the strength of their claims. Doug has experience as an arbitrator for the Ohio State Bar Association and the Columbus Bar Association. He also acts as an arbitrator in private arbitrations.